Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns




We ask customers who have not received a payment / shipment notification to check their spam e-mail folder.


Parts on stock are sent within 24 hours after the payment is credited to our account. (At least until 3 pm Central European Time)


Parts which are available from the central warehouse will be sent within 3 working days. For highly specialized parts with a waiting period of more than 3 business days, our team will inform you immediately.


You will be informed via email about the course of your order.


We send goods to more than 160 countries around the world. Our consignments are professionally packed and shipped via UPS, DHL, or by ship or truck.


After the consignment is sent, you will receive a tracking number by e-mail and a direct link to online tracking system where you can reliably track each move. Each consignment is insured for the full value of the goods. You will also receive a tax document along with the consignment. It will be sent to you via e-mail as well.

The tax document shall also serve as a warranty.


 Delivery terms

  • How do we send the goods?

The methods of delivery of the goods, including the amount of the delivery costs, are indicated on the Web Interface. You can choose the specific method of delivery of the goods in the order.

The order will always include the final price, which already includes the cost of the chosen shipping method.


  • When will we deliver the goods to you?

The delivery time of the goods shall always depend on their availability and on the chosen method of transport and payment. However, we cannot influence the delivery time of the goods transported by external carriers. In case of problems regarding delivery time, please contact us and we will try to resolve the situation with the carrier.

The goods which are in stock are usually dispatched by us within two business days from the date when the payment has been credited to our account (for cashless payment before the delivery of the goods).

The goods which are not in stock are dispatched by us as soon as possible. We will inform you about the exact date.

The delivery of the goods under the present Business Terms and Conditions shall denote the moment when the goods are delivered to you. If you unreasonably refuse to take over the goods, it shall not be deemed to be a failure on our part to deliver the goods or a withdrawal from the Contract on your part.

You will acquire the title to the goods at the time of payment of the full purchase price, but not before you have taken delivery of the goods.


  • What is the procedure for takeover of the goods?

Check the integrity of the packaging of the goods during the takeover of the goods.

If you find any shortcomings, please inform both the carrier and us immediately. If you refuse to take over a shipment with damaged packaging, it shall not be considered an unreasonable refusal of the goods.

From the moment when you take over the goods (or from the moment when you were obliged to take over the goods but you failed to do so in breach of the Contract), the liability for accidental destruction, damage or loss of the goods shall pass to you.


  • What happens if you do not take over the goods?

If it is necessary, for reasons on your part, to deliver the goods repeatedly or in a manner other than the one agreed upon, you are obliged to pay the costs associated with such delivery.

If you fail to take over the goods without a reason, we will be entitled to compensation for the costs associated with the delivery and storage of the goods, as well as any other costs incurred by us as a result of the failure to take over the goods.

If you have already paid the purchase price (in the case of payment before the delivery of the goods), we are also entitled to proceed with the sale of the goods by ourselves pursuant to Section 2126 of the Civil Code.


Damaged consignment



The customer is obliged to report a damaged package within 48 hours of receipt - both to the carrier and to the seller. The customer must always contact both parties himself/herself.

Otherwise, the claim cannot be accepted.

The customer has the right to refuse to accept a consignment if the packaging is obviously damaged.



Transport conditions outside the European union



Each country has its own import rules. Therefore, it is possible that the tax or duty is calculated on the basis of the price, nature or origin of the goods, when the goods are supplied outside the European Union. The company Oemvwshop is not responsible for any tax or customs fees, if the package is sent from countries outside the European Union. For more information about importing parts into your country, please contact the appropriate customs authorities.

All customers whose billing and delivery addresses are outside the European Union purchase goods from our e-shop without VAT.



DHL Standard, UPS STANDARD / UPS EXPEDITED (Outside of European union)



Reliable deliveries within Europe and non-European countries. When you need fast, low-cost shipping, DHL Standard, UPS Standard and UPS Expedited enable reliable shipping. The tracking number allows you to check the exact delivery time needed for your consignments (including possible customs clearance) at / to help you effectively plan your time.



Estimated shipping time



The European Union: 1-5 working days (UPS standard/DHL standard)
Outside of the European Union (Europe): 5-8 working days (UPS standard/DHL standard)

Countries outside of Europe: 8-10 business days (UPS Expedited)


Express transport


UPS express, UPS express saver, DHL Express


When choosing these methods of transport, the goods are delivered the next working day in almost all major EU trade areas, as well as in Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. This method ensures fast delivery around the world.

It is a global service available in over 160 countries and regions.

Depending on the country, the delivery time may vary.

OEMVWSHOP is not responsible for the delayed delivery of consignments leaving the European Union as a result of customs proceedings or delays by UPS / DHL

 Shipping rates


For goods that are oversized (large and light), the shipping price may differ from the one shown in the eshop. The shipping price depends on the weight and dimensions of the package. If the amount that was paid for the transportation does not correspond with our costs, we will contact you immediately.

Larger orders (bodywork parts / motors / gearboxes etc...)

Larger and heavier shipments are sent by ship or truck transport around the world. The sending of a shipment is not limited by size or weight. We can send anything, anywhere!

Insurance and customs duty:

Consignment insurance:

All consignments that depart from our company, regardless of in what manner (UPS, DHL, truck transport, ship transport) are always insured for the full amount of goods.

Consignment custom clearance:

All consignments outside the European Union must go through customs clearance. The goods are always accompanied by a tax document with a description of the goods and the amount that has been paid to our account.


 Withdrawal from the contract of purchase for Consumers


  • How can you withdraw from the Contract?

As a consumer, you may withdraw from the Contract of Purchase without specifying any reason within 14 days from the date of takeover of the goods; if the delivery is divided into several parts, from the date of takeover of the last delivery. We recommend you to send the notice of withdrawal from the Contract of Purchase to our delivery address, together with the goods, or by e-mail and to send the goods to our delivery address immediately afterwards. A sample form can be used to withdraw from the Contract.


  • What are the consequences of withdrawal from the Contract?

By withdrawing from the Contract, the Contract shall be cancelled from the outset and is regarded as if it had not been concluded.

If a gift has been given to you together with the goods with your consent, the donation agreement shall cease to be effective upon withdrawal by either Party. You must send the gift back to us together with the returned goods.


  • In what way will you return the goods to us?

You are obliged to return the goods to us within 14 days from withdrawal from the Contract to our delivery address, to any operation plant or to our registered office. Please do not send the goods in the cash-on-delivery mode, we are not obliged to accept them if they are sent this way.

We recommend that the returned goods should be accompanied by:

  • a copy of the delivery note, a copy of the invoice (if they have been issued) or other proof of purchase of the goods;
  • a written statement of withdrawal (by using our form or otherwise) and the method of refund chosen.

A failure to submit any of the above-mentioned documents will not prevent the positive processing of your withdrawal from the Contract in accordance with the statutory terms.


  • When will you get your money back?


We will refund to you all monies received by us within 14 days from your withdrawal. Please note, however, that we are not obliged to refund your money before you return the goods to us or before you prove that you have sent the goods back to us.


In addition to the purchase price, you are also entitled to a refund of the cost of delivering the goods to you. However, if you have chosen a method of delivery other than the cheapest method of delivery offered by us, we will refund you the cost of delivery of the goods at the amount corresponding to the cheapest offered method of delivery of the goods.


We will refund your money in the same way as the one in which we have received it (unless you ask us for another way within ten days from your withdrawal from the Contract and unless any additional costs are incurred by you as a result) or in the way you request.


The costs associated with the sending of the goods returned to our address shall be borne by you, even if the goods cannot be returned by normal postal means due to their nature.


  • What if the returned goods have been damaged?


When you are sending the goods, please wrap them in suitable packaging so that they shall not be damaged or destroyed.


If we find out that the goods returned by you are damaged, worn, soiled or partially consumed, you will be liable to us for this diminution in the value of the goods.


  • When is it not possible to withdraw from the Contract?


In accordance with Section 1837 of the Civil Code, it is not possible to withdraw from the following contracts (among other ones):


  • on the delivery of the goods which have been modified according to your wishes or for your person (including any goods specially modified and programmed according to the VIN number);
  • on the delivery of perishable goods or the goods which have been irretrievably mixed with other goods after the delivery thereof;
  • on the supply of an audio or video recording or computer program if you have damaged the original packaging thereof;
  • on the supply of digital content, unless it was supplied on a tangible medium and was supplied with your prior express consent before the expiry of the deadline for withdrawal from the Contract and you were informed about this consequence.


  • When can we withdraw from a Contract of Purchase?


We reserve the right to withdraw from the Contract in the following cases:


  • we have not received the purchase price from you by the due date or you have not taken over the goods;
  • the goods cannot be delivered under the original terms and conditions for objective reasons (mainly due to the fact that the goods are no longer manufactured, the supplier has stopped delivering to the Czech Republic, etc.);
  • the performance becomes objectively impossible or unlawful.


In the event that any of the above-mentioned circumstances should occur, we will inform you immediately about our withdrawal from the Contract.


If you have already paid the purchase price in full or in part, we will reimburse you the amount received within five days from the withdrawal from the Contract, in a cashless manner to the account which you announce to us for this purpose or from which you made the payment.


Complaint protocol and Withdrawal form for consumers


 rights from defective performance for Consumers


Your rights arising from defective performance shall be governed by the applicable generally binding legal regulations (in particular Sections 1914 to 1925, 2099 to 2117 and, if you are a consumer, Sections 2158 to 2174 of the Civil Code). When exercising rights arising from defective performance, we will proceed in accordance with our Complaints Procedure for Consumers.


Withdrawal from the Contract For
Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities


  • Until the Purchaser has taken the delivery of the goods, the Seller is entitled to withdraw from the Contract at any time.  In such a case, the Seller shall refund to the Purchaser the Purchase Price which has already been paid by the Purchaser in the same manner as it was paid by the Purchaser.
  • The Seller is further authorised to withdraw from the Contract if the Purchaser is in delay in the payment of the purchase price of the goods for more than 7 days. The Seller’s right to compensation for damages incurred by the Seller due to the Purchaser’s delay shall remain unaffected.
  • The Purchaser is authorised to withdraw from the Contract if the Seller is in delay with the delivery of the goods for more than 4 weeks from the delivery date agreed upon.
  • The Purchaser is not authorised to withdraw from the Contract in respect of the goods which have been delivered properly, on time and without defects. The Purchaser is furthermore not authorised to withdraw from the Contract in respect of the Goods which have been customised to the Purchaser’s wishes or for the Purchaser’s person (including the goods specially customised and programmed according to a VIN number).
  • Withdrawal from the Contract must always be made electronically. Withdrawal from the Contract is effective upon the delivery of the notice of withdrawal to the other Party.
  • In the event of withdrawal from the Contract, the Purchaser is obliged to return to the Seller the goods already received by the Purchaser, within 10 days of the effective date of the withdrawal from the Contract. The Seller is not obliged to refund the price of the goods to the Purchaser before the goods are returned to the Seller after the withdrawal from the Contract.



Rights from defective performance for
Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities


  • The terms and conditions for the exercising of the rights from defective performance and warranty liability shall be governed by the Complaints Procedure for Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities of the Seller.


Special orders and orders for electronic components cannot be returned.


- special orders with a VIN number cannot be cancelled after ordering!

- parts ordered with a VIN number, such as keys, control units, mechatronics, cannot be returned after delivery!

- it is not possible to return a part programmed according to a VIN number.

- the processing time of these parts is longer than normal!

** Returns to a bank account must include the IBAN and SWIFT code (BIC) for international transfers.