Grommet 8D0611743B

Grommet 8D0611743B
Grommet 8D0611743B
Grommet 8D0611743B
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Part Number8D0611743B
8D0 611 743 B
ProducerGenuine Volkswagen group part
Warranty24 months
Weight0,03 kg
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Grommet 8D0611743B
Important notes
Engine specifications
Engine code  Date of production   Engine capacity  KW  HP  Cylinders  Remark 
AWM02/2001-04/20021, 81251704
BBG06/20022, 81401906
AZX05/2002-05/20052, 31251705
ATQ05/2002-05/20052, 81421936V6
AVF09/2000-12/20041, 9961314TDI
AMX08/1998-12/19982, 81421936V6
AWT06/2000-09/20011, 81101504
AVB04/2001-05/20041, 9741004TDI
ALZ06/2000-09/20011, 6751024
AWX09/2000-06/20031, 9961314TDI
This part fits into 23 vehicle models. Check the section "Fit these cars"
Additional informations
PR-CODE   Informations  
T0B4-cylinder SI engine 1.6 l unit 06B.2 (aluminum)
0G1Gearshift lever
T6T6-cylinder diesel engine 2.5 l unit 059.A
T0D5-cylinder SI engine 2.3 l unit 066.G
T7T6-cylinder SI engine 2.4 l unit 078.7
T1R4-cylinder diesel engine 1.9 l unit 028.R
T6V4-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06B.A
1VGInstallation parts for four-cylinder engine
T0Z4-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06B.M
0G2Selector lever
T104-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06B.J
T7F6-cylinder SI engine 2.8 l unit 078.2
T5T6-cylinder diesel engine 2.5 l unit 059.B
T9J4-cylinder diesel engine 1.9 l unit 038.K
TD04-cylinder diesel engine 1.9 l unit 03G.5
T4N4-cylinder diesel engine 1.9 l unit 038.A
L0LLeft-hand drive
L0RRight-hand drive
T1K6-cylinder diesel engine 2.5 l unit 059.E
T798-cylinder SI engine 4.2 l unit 079.C (aluminum)
T7Z6-cylinder SI engine 2.7 l unit 078.8
T7S8-cylinder SI engine 4.2 l unit 077.2 (aluminum)


2 years international factory warranty.
Shipping worldwide to over 160 countries

Product specification
HS CODE40169957
Category 3NDT
Dimension3,5 x 5,5 x 5
ProducerGenuine Volkswagen group part
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