Protective hose Audi V8 44 2D0971461A

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Protective hose Audi V8 44 2D0971461A
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Part Number2D0971461A
ProducerGenuine Volkswagen group part
Warranty24 months
Weight0,05 kg
DescriptionFit these carsOEM part numbersDiscussion
Protective hose Audi V8 44 2D0971461A
This part fits into 65 vehicle models. Check the section "Fit these cars"
Additional informations
PR-CODE   Informations  
TA24-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06F.D
1A5Fuel system for SI engine
A8SStandard equipment
TT710-cylinder SI engine 5.0 l unit 07L.B (aluminum)
TF64-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06H.F
1VHInstallation parts for six-cylinder engine
D075-cylinder SI engine 2.5 l/250 kW (20V) (R-5) TFSI, homogeneous base engine is TB9
TN88-cylinder SI engine 4.2 l unit 079.F
TL64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06H.H
D2D4-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/155 kW 16V turbo FSI, homogeneous base engine is TM2/TV2/TG6/TJ6/TD6/TP6/TL5/TL6/TI6
1A2Fuel system for SI engine with direct injection (FSI)
1VGInstallation parts for four-cylinder engine
TJ24-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06J.1
D674-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l/118 kW (16V) turbo FSI, homogeneous base engine TJ2/TT2/TE6/TH2/TF6/TW2/TH6
A8UExecutive US equipment
T428-cylinder diesel engine 4.0 l unit 057.B
TN64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06J.F
TQ64-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06L.A
TB95-cylinder SI engine 2.5 l unit 07K.3
G1EAutomated manual transmission (SL) dual clutch transmission (6-speed for four-wheel drive)
TE64-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06J.3
T336-cylinder SI engine 3.2 l unit 022.C
9M0Without auxiliary heater/fuel-fired parking heater
TC66-cylinder SI engine 3.0 l unit 06E.C
7GBEmission standard ULEV2
TV24-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06H.E
1A1Fuel system for SI engine with injector system without fuel return
G0XSix-speed manual transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
TQ24-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06J.B
TK78-cylinder SI engine 4.2 l unit 079.D (aluminum)
TH24-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06H.B (aluminum)
0F2Fuel system for SI engine
9M9Fuel-fired parking heater with radio remote control
T594-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06F.C
1X1Four wheel drive
TG64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06H.G
D644-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/132 kW (16 V)turbo FSI, homog. b. engine T4U/T56 TM2/TV2/TL6/TG6/TR6/TS6/TD6/TM6/T06/TD3
7GAEmission standard LEV2
TU710-cylinder SI engine 5.2 l unit 07L.Y (aluminum)
D065-cylinder SI engine 2.5 l/265 kW (20V) (R-5) TFSI, homogeneous base engine is TB9
5C1Body measures for increased safety requirements
1X0Front wheel drive
TD64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06J.D
TJ64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06J.E

OEM part numbers:
077133629C, 077133705, 4D0971461F


2 years international factory warranty.
Shipping worldwide via TNT, FEDEX, DHL or Post

Product specification
HS CODE8708999790
Category 3KKD
Dimension0,2 x 53,8 x 5,5
ProducerGenuine Volkswagen group part
Select market
United States
South Africa
Manufacturer Model
Audi 80 Avant RS2 Quattro 8A 1994-1996
Audi A3 Cabriolet 8P 2008-2013
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8L 1997-2000
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8P 2004-2007
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8P 2008
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8P 2009-2013
Audi A4 Allroad Quattro 8K 2010-2016
Audi A4/S4/Avant/Quattro 8K 2008-2012
Audi A4/S4/Avant/Quattro 8K 2013-2015
Audi A5/S5 Cabriolet 8T 2010-2011
Audi A5/S5 Cabriolet 8T 2012-2017
Audi A5/S5 Coupe/Sportback 8T 2008-2011
Audi A5/S5 Coupe/Sportback 8T 2012-2016
Audi A6/S6/Avant/Quattro 4G 2011-2014
Audi A8/S8 Quattro 4E 2004-2007
Audi A8/S8 Quattro 4E 2008-2010
Audi Coupe/Quattro B3 1989-1996 Quattro
Audi Q3 8U 2012-2014
Audi Q3 8U 2015-2018
Audi Q5 8R 2009-2012
Audi Q5 8R 2013-2017
Audi R8 Coupe/Spyder 42 2007-2012
Audi R8 Coupe/Spyder 42 2013-2015
Audi RS3 Sportback 8P 2011-2013
Audi RS4/Avant quattro 8K 2013-2016
Audi RS5 Coupe/Cabriolet Quattro 8T 2013-2016 Cabriolet
Audi RS5 Coupe/Sportback 8T 2010-2016 Coupe
Audi RS6/RS6 plus/Avant Quattro 4F 2008-2011
Audi RSQ3 8U 2014-
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2007-2010
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2011-2014
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8N 2003-2006
Audi TTRS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2010-2014
Audi V8 44 1989-1994
Seat Altea 5P 2007-2010
Seat Altea 5P+ 2011-2013
Seat Altea 5P+ 2014-2015
Seat Exeo 3R 2009-2014
Seat Leon 1P 2006-2010
Seat Leon 1P 2011-2013
Seat Toledo 1P 2005-2009
Skoda Octavia 1Z 2009-2013 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Superb 3T 2008-2013 Sedan/Estate
Skoda Superb 3T 2014-2015 Sedan/Estate
Skoda Yeti 5L 2010-2013
Skoda Yeti 5L 2014-
Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio 5C 2013-2016
Volkswagen Beetle 5C 2012-2016
Volkswagen Golf 5K 2009-2011 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 5K 2012-2013 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 5K 2012-
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 5C 2011-2014-
Volkswagen LT, LT 4x4 2D 1997-2003
Volkswagen LT, LT 4x4 2D 2004-2007
Volkswagen Passat CC/CC 3C 2009-2012
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2008
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2009-2011
Volkswagen Scirocco 1K8 2009-2014
Volkswagen Scirocco 1K8 2015-
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