321857720 Strap

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Part Number321857720
ProducerGenuine Volkswagen group part
Warranty24 months
Weight0,00 kg
DescriptionFit these carsDiscussion
Important notes
left and right
This part fits into 67 vehicle models. Check the section "Fit these cars"
Additional informations
PR-CODE   Informations  
3UP2-seater bench, right, with armrest on aisle side
3WB3-seater bench, folding backrest
QA1Child seat
3VX3-seater bench with storage compartment,movable plus reclining seat mechanism
3UD2-seater bench and single seat, left
3UC2-seater bench and single seat, right
3C3Lap belt with retractor for the center rear seat
3VF3-seater bench, folding/tipping
3UH3-seater bench
A9WCaravelle Comfortline
3VB2-seater bench with armrest on aisle side
3VM3-seater bench
QA0Without child seat
L0LLeft-hand drive
L0RRight-hand drive
4C01 swivel seat w/ longitudinal adjustmenton rail system
3UB2-seater bench, left, with armrest on aisle side
3WKTwo single seats with armrests
4C22 swivel seats w/ longitudinal adjustm. on rail system
3WJ3-seater bench with storage compartment,movable, plus reclining seat mechanism
3VH3-seater bench
QA62 integrated child seats
A9KCaravelle Trendline
QA42 child seats in 1st row of seats, 2 child seats in 2nd row of seats (integrated)


2 years international factory warranty.
Shipping worldwide via TNT, FEDEX, DHL or Post

Product specification
ProducerGenuine Volkswagen group part
HS CODE4016930090
Category 3KTI
Dimension0,8 x 11,8 x 1,5
Select market
United States
South Africa
Manufacturer Model
Audi 50 86 1975-1978
Audi 80/90/Avant/Quattro 1973-1976
Audi 80/90/Avant/Quattro 1977-1978
Seat Alhambra 7M 1996-2000
Seat Alhambra 7M 2003-2005
Seat Alhambra 7M 2006-2010
Seat Alhambra 7M 2009-2010
Volkswagen HG 2,7-0 1962-1969
Volkswagen Caddy
Volkswagen Caddy
Volkswagen Caddy 2K 2004-2008
Volkswagen Caddy 2K 2009-2011
Volkswagen Caddy 2K 2011-2015
Volkswagen Caddy 2K 2016-
Volkswagen Camper
Volkswagen Camper
Volkswagen Camper 7E T5 2010-2011
Volkswagen Camper 7E T5 2012- 2015
Volkswagen Camper 7E T6 2016-
Volkswagen Camper 7H T5 2004-2006
Volkswagen Camper 7H T5 2007
Volkswagen Camper 7H T5 2008
Volkswagen Camper 7H T5 2009-2010
Volkswagen Ghia 141/144/343/345 HG 1,3-6 1956-1974
Volkswagen Golf 155 1977-1978
Volkswagen LT, LT 4x4 28 1975-1983
Volkswagen LT, LT 4x4 28 1983-1989
Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen Passat 32 1974-1977
Volkswagen Passat 32 1978-1980
Volkswagen Passat 32, 33 1981
Volkswagen Passat 32,33 1982-1984
Volkswagen Passat 32,33 1985
Volkswagen Passat 32,33 1986
Volkswagen Passat 32,33 1987
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant
Volkswagen Sharan 7M 1996-2000
Volkswagen Sharan 7M 2001-2002
Volkswagen Sharan 7M 2003-2005
Volkswagen Sharan 7M 2006-2008
Volkswagen Sharan 7M 2009-2010
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7D 1997-2004 Syncro
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7D 1999-2004
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7H 2016-
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7H 2003-2005
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7H 2010-2011
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7H 2012-2015
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2003-2005 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2006 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2007 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2008 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2009-2010 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2010-2011 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2012-2015 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle/Multivan 7J 2016- Flatbed
Volkswagen Typ 1 (1200-1300) 1978-1986
Volkswagen Typ 2/Syncro T2 1968-1979
Volkswagen Typ 2/Syncro T3 1980-1985
Volkswagen Typ 2/Syncro T3 1986-1987
Volkswagen Typ 2/Syncro T3 1988-1992
Volkswagen Typ 2/Syncro T3 Syncro 1985-1992
Volkswagen Typ 3, Typ 4, K70 K70 1970-1975
Volkswagen Typ 3, Typ 4, K70 Typ 3 11 1961-1973
Volkswagen Typ 3, Typ 4, K70 Type 4-411/412 1968-1974
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