Ball stud 2K0827439

Ball stud 2K0827439
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Part Number2K0827439
ProducerGenuine Volkswagen group part
Nahrazen produktem2K0827439B
Warranty24 months
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Important notes:
left a. right
N 903 242 03

Specifications (models, gearbox, engine etc.):
Engine code  Date of production  Engine capacity  KW  HP  Cylinders  Remark 

Additional informations:
L0L - Left-hand drive
L0R - Right-hand drive
1VG - Installation parts for four-cylinder engine
1VH - Installation parts for six-cylinder engine
1VJ - Installation parts for eight-cylinder engine
K8G - Hatchback
3RB - Tailgate without window aperture
3RC - Tailgate with window aperture
5NC - Standard tailgate/trunk lid stay
5NJ - Hood gas prop with standard tailgate/trunk lid stay
0CF - Vehicle class differentiation 6X0
3R3 - Pop-up roof
K4L - Camper
2S3 - Pop-up roof
AF2 - Roof berth plus stowage compartment
2S4 - Pop-up roof
4E2 - Tailgate/trunk lid release from inside (electrically)
FM0 - Basic equipment variant
K8B - Notchback
K8D - Wagon/Avant