Bonded rubber bush 1K0199868Q

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Bonded rubber bush 1K0199868Q
Bonded rubber bush 1K0199868Q
Bonded rubber bush 1K0199868Q
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Part Number1K0199868Q
ProducerGenuine Volkswagen group part
Warranty24 months
Weight0,23 kg
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Bonded rubber bush 1K0199868Q
Important notes
Engine specifications
Engine code  Date of production   Engine capacity  KW  HP  Cylinders  Remark 
DJKD07/20181, 4961314TSI
CBAB05/2008-05/201021031404TDI CR
CFGB05/2010-06/201421251704TDI CR
CAYB03/2011-04/20151, 666904TDI CR
CAXA05/2010-04/20151, 4901224TSI
CAVD04/2011-06/20131, 41181604TSI
CWVA11/20151, 6811104SRE
CDAA01/2009-05/20131, 81181604TFSI
CKMA11/2011-11/20121, 41181604TSI TC E85
CGYA11/2008-11/20091, 81121524
CBBB05/2008-05/201021251704TDI CR
CZCB05/20151, 4921254TSI
CFFA11/2009-05/201321001364TDI CR
CAYC11/2009-03/20131, 6771054TDI CR
CFFB11/2009-05/201321031404TDI CR
CPWA05/20161, 4811104TGI CNG
BLS05/2008-05/20101, 9771054
CYVC06/20151, 262844TSI
CFHC05/2010-05/201521031404TDI CR
CLCA11/2010-05/20152811104TDI CR
CDAB11/2009-01/20121, 81121524TFSI
CBZB04/2010-03/20131, 2771054TSI
CFJA05/2012-06/201521251704TDI CR
BZB06/2007-06/20081, 81181604
BXE05/2008-05/20101, 9771054
This part fits into 69 vehicle models. Check the section "Fit these cars"
Additional informations
PR-CODE   Informations  
TA24-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06F.D
TG04-cylinder diesel engine 1.9 l unit 03G.6
TK84-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 04E.D
A8SStandard equipment
G1A6-speed automatic transmission
G1CSeven-speed automatic transmission
TU34-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.H
TB34-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03G.B
UA0Rear shock absorption
TG34-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.A
TQ34-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 03C.L
T584-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06F.B (aluminum)
TN04-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03G.C
UA1Rear shock absorption
7L3Without start/stop system without regenerative braking
G0JFive-speed manual transmission different spread of gear ratio
TA94-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06K.J
TF34-cylinder diesel engine 1.6 l unit 03L.1
8Q0Without headlight range adjustment
G0C5-speed manual transmission
TJ24-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06J.1
8Q1Headlight range adjustment
TM04-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03G.7
DB04-cylinder SI engine 1.2 l/77 kW TSI base engine is TW0/TP1
A8UExecutive US equipment
TN64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06J.F
T714-cylinder diesel engine 1.9 l unit 03G.1
T356-cylinder SI engine 3.2 l unit 03H.B (aluminum)
TL14-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 04E.A
TB95-cylinder SI engine 2.5 l unit 07K.3
G0R6-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
G0K6-speed manual transmission
4X4Side airbag in front and rear with curtain airbag
TF04-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 03C.H (aluminum)
2UCSports version
TE64-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06J.3
5C0Without special body measures
TV06-cylinder SI engine 3.6 l unit 03H.D
T534-cylinder SI engine 1.6 l unit 06A.S (aluminum)
UA9Rear shock absorption, sports version
TW04-cylinder SI engine 1.2 l unit 03F.B
0EGInstallation differentiation for dual-clutch transv. transmission DQ200 -- vehicle components --
TQ24-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06J.B
2UBRough-road version
0ESInstallation differentiation for transmission DQ250 -- vehicle components --
UA3Rear shock absorption
T9G4-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03G.A
TP04-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03G.8
T594-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06F.C
TP44-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.P
2H2Controlled shock absorption magnetic ride
7L6Start/stop system with regenerative braking
TT34-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 03C.M
1X1Four wheel drive
D4L4-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l/118 kW 16V TSI TC base engine is TF0/TU1
G1D7-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive
TJ34-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.D
TU04-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 03C.K
TH06-cylinder SI engine 3.6 l unit 03H.C
UA2Rear shock absorption
G0LSix-speed manual transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
0EJInstallation differentiation for transmission MQ 250 -- vehicle components --
8Q3Automatic headlight range adjustment dynamic (self-adjusting while driving)
5C1Body measures for increased safety requirements
0ENInstallation differentiation for transmission MQ 350 -- vehicle components --
UB3Rear shock absorption
2H0Without \Drive select\""
TL44-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.L
1X0Front wheel drive
TD64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06J.D
TT14-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 036.R
2UAStandard design
TJ64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06J.E

OEM part numbers:
1K0199868, 1K0199868A, 1K0199868B, 1K0199868P


2 years international factory warranty.
Shipping worldwide via TNT, FEDEX, DHL or Post

Product specification
HS CODE4016995200
Category 3RBO
Dimension3,6 x 9,1 x 9,1
ProducerGenuine Volkswagen group part
Select market
United States
South Africa
Manufacturer Model
Audi A3 Cabriolet 8P 2008-2013
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8P 2004-2007
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8P 2008
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8P 2009-2013
Audi Q3 8U 2012-2014
Audi Q3 8U 2015-2018
Audi RS3 Sportback 8P 2011-2013
Audi RSQ3 8U 2014-2018
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2007-2010
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2011-2014
Audi TTRS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2010-2014
Seat Alhambra 71 2011-2015
Seat Alhambra 71 2016-
Seat Altea 5P 2007-2010
Seat Altea 5P+ 2011-2013
Seat Altea 5P+ 2014-2015
Seat Leon 1P 2006-2010
Seat Leon 1P 2011-2013
Seat Toledo 5P 2005-2009
Skoda Octavia 1Z 2004-2008 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Octavia 1Z 2009-2013 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Superb 3T 2008-2013 Sedan/Estate
Skoda Superb 3T 2014-2015 Sedan/Estate
Skoda Yeti 5L 2010-2013
Skoda Yeti 5L 2014-2018
Volkswagen Caddy 2C 2011-2015
Volkswagen Caddy 2K 2004-2008
Volkswagen Caddy 2K 2009-2011
Volkswagen Caddy SA 2016-2020
Volkswagen Eos 1F 2006-2008
Volkswagen Eos 1F 2009-2011
Volkswagen Eos 1F 2011-2016
Volkswagen Golf 1K 2004-2005 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 1K 2007-2009 Estate
Volkswagen Golf 1K 2008-2009 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 5K 2009-2011 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 5K 2012-2013 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf AJ 2010-2014 Estate
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 51 2012-2016
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 5K 2012-
Volkswagen Golf Plus 52 2009-2011
Volkswagen Golf Plus 52 2012-2014
Volkswagen Golf Plus 5M 2005-2007
Volkswagen Golf Plus 5M 2008-2009
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 1K 2006-2008
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 1K 2006-2011 USA
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 1K 2009-2010
Volkswagen Passat CC/CC 35 2009-2012
Volkswagen Passat CC/CC 35 2012-2017
Volkswagen Passat 36 2011-2015
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2006-2007
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2008
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2009-2011
Volkswagen Scirocco 13 2009-2014
Volkswagen Scirocco 13 2015-2018
Volkswagen Sharan 7N 2011-2016
Volkswagen Sharan 7N 2016-
Volkswagen Tiguan 5N 2008-2011
Volkswagen Tiguan 5N 2012-2018 (North American Region)
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2003-2005
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2007-2008
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2009-2010
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2011-2015
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